Evading Responsibility

I don’t know about you, but I was raised to be responsible.  Very, very responsible.  I was able to take on many tasks and carry heavy loads because I was always so responsible.  Gave up weekends, felt compelled to care for others’ needs without worrying about myself because of fear of looking selfish and an inflated sense of responsibility.  Feeling that things I had no control over were somehow my fault.  Because I was very responsible.

Superheroes get their logos- Superman his “S”, Wonder Woman her “WW”, and Batman his bat.  I have always worn my “R” proudly. 

Lately, though, I have worked on reducing my tendency to overcommit and worry.  Sometimes it feels like I am guilty of the crime of “Evading Responsibility.” (yes, I know it has to do with car accidents, but it just seems to fit.)  I recognize that not every negative or unpleasant thing that happens around me is my fault, and I need not take on other people’s failures.  There is so much in the world I can’t control but if I take personal responsibility for what I can impact, and let others take charge of their own, I can have much more peace of mind. 

I wonder if other people are in the same boat?  Do you have the same tendencies?   If you do, what helps? Do you set limits? Meditate?  Exercise? 

I have a feeling there are many of us out there who take on far too much out of a feeling of duty and responsibility.  Here at Seek Your Center I’ll be exploring and sharing ways to help my own peace of mind, and others at the same time.  Not because I feel responsible for you, but because I care, and the world will be a much better place.