New Line of Jewelry Designed for Widows and Widowers

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., April 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Author of The Widow or Widower Next Door, Mary Lee Robinson, is proud to announce that she now represents an elegant and beautiful line of mourning jewelry rings designed for widows and widowers.

As a new widow, Mary Lee sought a wearable symbol and touchstone of her loss of her loved one. She found few options, before discovering "The Widow's Ring." Several styles are available, including guard bands, suitable to wear as a "third ring" and rings with birthstones or sayings. Men will find a few choices to like, as well.

Since the death of her husband, Mary Lee has been very active in widows and widowers causes, starting social clubs for grievers and writing a book with 25 widows and widowers who answer 25 questions about the journey. They found that our society doesn't deal with grievers very well. We're sort of told "It's been 48 hours; you're OK now, right?" All of us think there must be a better way.

The book addresses better ways, and included in those are the idea that returning to symbols of mourning might be a very good idea. A mourning symbol serves as a reminder to the rest of the world to treat a griever with a little more kindness, a little more patience. "It's been 48 hours, you're OK now, right?" simply isn't the way it works.

The book is available at, Barnes and The book can also be ordered on her website, and more information on widow's or widower's rings and other styles can found there at